Malignant Legasy

Mahathir’s malignant legacy     

Mariam Mokhtar

OUTSPOKEN: Confusing the minds of the Malays is former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s forté. He plays on their insecurities, much like a cat plays with a mouse before pouncing on it. The predatory cat will bat the mouse from paw to paw, in an attempt to tire it out. Mahathir, like the cat, derives immense satisfaction from watching his prey suffer.

Towards the end of last month, Mahathir delivered a salvo of contradictory and hypocritical statements. He said the young needed to be disciplined and that they had no sense of shame. It is a stark contrast to his usual message, which he first delivered to the Malays in the 70s.

The change of tune has much to do with the entry of his son, Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir into the race for one of the three vice-presidential seats in Umno-Baru. Mahathir’s new role is the chief lobbyist for Mukhriz.

Four decades ago, Mahathir told the Malay community that Malaysia belonged to them, the people who rightfully deserved to reap the benefits of this land.

Mahathir omitted to mention that success would involve hard work, dedication and long-term commitment. Using the deep sense of superstition, insecurity, and fatalism among the Malays, Mahathir used them to increase his powerbase, at the expense of the other races.

The Malays bought Mahathir’s story, but today, when the country is facing a total breakdown of its economy, its ability to attract foreign investment, its social cohesion, its security along with a decline in morality and values, Mahathir chides them for having no sense of shame or guilt.

Mahathir sees himself as the Malay saviour, and his son as the second messiah. He fears that if he is unable to push Mukhriz into the limelight, he will lose the Mahathir legacy. This will mean the dismantling of the empire which he amassed during his 22 years of power.

Mahathir warned that Umno would die if it kept the stupid and old leaders. He told the party to elect younger leaders who are nationalistic, presumably meaning Mukhriz.

Mahathir accused the present leaders of preventing smarter people from ascending through the party, and said that they should not overstay their welcome. He ignored the fact that he had steadfastly clung to power for 22 years and was not averse to disposing of his deputies.

When the former Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) secretary-general Chin Peng died, Mahathir stressed that Chin Peng had wanted to create a communist state. He dissuaded further debate about Chin Peng’s ashes, for fear that further revelations would show he had reneged on the terms of the Peace Treaty signed in 1989 in Haadyai. He wanted people to think he was instrumental in achieving peace.

It is chilling that Mahathir does not see the comparisons between communism and the current state of affairs in Malaysia. In a communist state, any opposition is quashed, mostly with force. In Malaysia, opposition is not tolerated, even if that means the ruling party has to cheat in the elections and opposition politicians are hounded by thugs.

Senior members of the politburo, like the Umno president and deputy president, do not face competitive election. Saying the wrong thing would mean committing political suicide, although the communists do face house arrest and eventual execution. In both communism and Umno elections, loyalties are built on influence (and money for Umno). In both, senior leaders rarely retire for they can still dictate policies long after they step down from power.

In the communist state and in Malaysia, justice, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, religion, individualism and the arts are all crushed or fiercely controlled.

Mahathir said that young people needed a “strong sense of shame”, but Mahathir “mudah lupa”. Our youth did not take away the independence of the judiciary. They did not cause the old Umno to be declared an illegal party. None of our youth used the ISA to lock up opposition politicians or activists in Operation Lalang. Perhaps, this is why Mahathir said last week that Malaysia needed harsher and stricter laws.

Our youth do not have cronies who destroyed Bank Bumiputera, Perwaja Steel, Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ), MAS and many other companies. It was Mahathir who made billionaires out of his cronies and did not care that the average Malay cannot stump up the money to buy a modest home, despite the New Economic Policy. A prime minister who ignores the poor and suffering of the non-Malays is not fit to be called a leader of a multi-cultural nation.

Leaders come and go, but the irrepressible Mahathir refuses to retire. He is tetchy and a menace to his successors. He overshadows them and snipes at them when their policies displease him. Like a cobra lurking in the lalang, he tries to hypnotise his prey and spits venom at his opponents.

Of course, Mahathir wants to defend his son to preserve his legacy. If anyone should feel shame, it is Mahathir. He drove a wedge between the citizens of this country and under him, the divide between the Malays and non-Malays has grown, as has the divide between the rich and the poor.

Mukhriz is a poor copy of the father and if he has one ounce of patriotism and wants to save Malaysia, he should just opt out of politics.

Mariam Mokhtar is "a Malaysian who dares to speak the truth.
Doa hari ke 24 Ramadhan

Ya Allah, aku bermohon kepadaMu perkara yang mendatangkan keredhaanMu. Aku berlindung denganMu daripada perkara yang mendatangkan kemarahanMu dan aku bermohon kepadaMu kemampuan untuk mentaatiMu serta menghindari kemaksiatan terhadapMu, wahai pemberi kepada yang meminta."

Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin

The first couple must break their silence and convince the country that the allegation against them is nothing but a big lie.

The prime minister and his wife cannot be hiding under the carpet forever. Najib Tun Razak and wife Rosmah Mansor must come out and tell their side of the story. The case of the murdered Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu will never be closed unless and until the duo clear the air.
A businessman has spilled the beans and now it is up to Najib and Rosmah to make their stand and rebut the serious allegation.
The premier couple must argue their case convincingly and truthfully. Their high station in life is no excuse to maintain a proud distance. Neither can they remain in splendid isolation while the whole country is abuzz with the hot news. There is no running away from the grim reality. They are public figures and must answer for every of their moves. The Altantuya case is an albatross around their necks – and they must remove it before it gets heavier.
The revelation is damning: businessman Deepak Jaikishan broke his two-year silence to point the finger directly at Rosmah for her role in the making of a second statutory declaration (SD). By now Malaysians know what had happened. Rosmah allegedly sought Deepak’s help to get private investigator P Balasubramaniam to pull back the first SD. The first SD allegedly implicated Najib in the wanton killing of Altantuya and the second SD rolled back the first one, effectively absolving Najib of all responsibility.
There is also Nazim Tun Razak who represented his brother in the negotiation at a shopping mall, where Balasubramanian was also present. This means that Nazim is also an “accomplice” in allegedly getting a lawyer to draft the second SD, with the full knowledge of his brother. Nazim, too, will have a lot of explaining to do for his “broker” role. Rosmah and Nazim appeared to be the principal actors in going all out to protect Najib in his rise to political prominence.
It will be an uphill task to reopen the murder case given that even the authorities seemed bent on covering up the grime. The suspicion is growing that the order to bury the file in the dark recesses of a corner came from Najib or from his overzealous supporters in his “civil service”. Asking the inspector-general of police and the attorney-general to dust off the file on Altantuya is asking for the moon. It is as if all are working hand in glove to ensure the political supremo in the government will win the next general election, unfazed by the ghost of Altantuya.
Disturbing developments
But a crime cannot be covered up especially when it involves a public figure holding the highest office in the country. If the reign of silence continues, it is time concerned citizens pushed hard to reopen the file and call for a new trial. Najib, Rosmah, Nazim and the two former policemen on death row (convicted senselessly of this dastardly crime) must all stand in the dock and give their account of the circumstances that led to the tragic death of an innocent woman. The severe face of justice must show no fear or favour.
Najib must be grilled on his alleged relationship with Altantuya: did he know or meet the Mongolian woman? Rosmah must be subjected to a thorough cross-examination: did she approach Deepak to get Balasubramaniam to retract the first SD? Nazim must be pumped for more details in his alleged role as the middleman to get his brother off the hook. The death row prisoners must tell who ordered them to shoot and blow up the victim. Balasubramaniam can also shed more light on the secret rendezvous at the hotel. Even Abdul Razak Baginda, the alleged paramour of Altantuya, who got away unscathed, must be interrogated detailedly about his part in the dark drama.
Malaysians will want a retrial in the wake of all these disturbing developments. The person of a prime minister is not inviolate. In countries where leaders ran afoul of the law, they were ignominiously dragged to court and some even paid with their lives. Najib may choose to ignore the lengthening shadow and go about his official duties in regal style, but the rumblings in the background will not cease. The times are not good for him.
A crucial general election is around the corner and the question that must be popping up is, will the people want to give a five-year mandate to Najib when he is under a dark cloud? How can a country hold its head high up when there is a blot on its chief executive? This is an issue of morality and trust. It is imperative that Najib come clean about this whole sordid affair before the people head for the polling booths. Otherwise, his fate will be decided at the ballot box. He may taste defeat – and face trial. Then the spirit of Altantuya will no longer be restless.

Layakah umno nak bercakap dan berlakon sebagai pembela Islam?
Nurul Izzah Sudah Menjelaskan, Bagaimana Pula Pemimpin Umno
Seronok bila lihat pemimpin Umno cuba menjadi juara pembela agama atas isu ucapan YB Nurul Izzah Naib Presiden PKR di Gereja Full Gospel Tabernacle, Subang Jaya, Sabtu lalu.
Nurul Izzah sudah menjelaskan apa maksud kenyataan beliau selepas timbulnya polimik ini. Beliau menjelaskan "sekiranya seseorang itu telah memeluk Islam maka dia tertakluk dengan syariat Islam". Kenapa Umno terus bising. Tindakan yang dibuat oleh Nurul Izzah bertepatan dengan pepatah "Kembali kepada kebenaran lebih baik daripada kekal di dalam kebatilan".

Nurul bukan manusia yang degil seperti pemimpin Umno, walaupun salah dan ditegur mereka tidak menarik balik kenyataan mereka.
Persoalannya ucapan pimpinan Umno yang jelas merbahaya kepada akidah tidak pernah ditarik balik seperti kenyataan yang memperlekehkan hukum hudud. Terbaru Tun Dr Mahathir mengatakan Malaikat juga buat salah. Begitu juga kenyataan Najib yang mengatakan sindrom qiamullail sewaktu beliau sebagai Menteri Pelajaran.
Apabila Umno cuba hendak menunjuk juara pembela agama, semua makhluk yang waras akan ketawa dan senyum sinis.
Layakkah Umno hendak bercakap dan berlakon sebagai pembela agama.
Semua rakyat di negara ini makruf Umno hanya memperalatkan agama untuk kepentingan politik. Program agama hanya sekadar lepas batuk ditangga. Ceramah di televisyen hanya boleh bicara bab yang tidak menyentuh Islam yang syumul. Penceramah yang lantang akan digam. Umno mendirikan masjid, tapi bukan untuk memakmurkan masjid. Masjid mati sebelum ahli kariah mati. Ahli Jawatankuasa masjid dilantik bukan ahli masjid.
Umno terpaksa menunjuk juara pembela agama untuk raih sokongan orang Islam. - Idris hj Ahmad

 Al-Quran dan Hadis

‎"Pada hari itu, manusia akan keluar berselerak dari kubur masing2 untuk diperlihatkan kepada mereka balasan 'amal2 mereka. Maka sesiapa berbuat kebajikan seberat zarrah, nescaya akan dilihatnya dalam surat 'amalnya. Dan sesiapa berbuat kejahatan seberat zarrah, nescaya akan dilihatnya dalam surah 'amalnya."
(Surah al-Zalzalah:6-8)


Al-Quran dan Hadis

‎" Sesungguhnya Kami menghidupkan orang2 yang mati, dan Kami tuliskan segala apa yang yang mereka telah kerjakan serta segala kesan perkataan dan perbuatan yang ditinggalkan oleh mereka dan tiap2 sesuatu kami catit akan dia satu persatu didalam ibu suratan yang jelas nyata."
(Surah Yaasiin:12

Nurul Izzah Anwar may look coy but the lady under the tudung is anything but delicate. When she was 18-years old, family life was thrown into turmoil, when her father, Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia’s former finance and Deputy Prime minister, was arrested on charges of sodomy and corruption.

When most teenagers battle raging hormones and the transition into the adult world; Nurul was catapulted into the world of politics. She campaigned for her father’s release, both at home and overseas. In 2004, she graduated with a BSc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University Tenaga Nasional and received a Masters in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins University in the USA, in 2006.

In 2008, she challenged Shahrizat Abdul Jalil in Lembah Pantai. Shahrizat had held the BN stronghold since 1995. Turnout was 73% and Nurul secured a majority of 2,895 votes.

Today, life in the political fast lane is set to get more hectic for the 31-year old. The current Women Family and Community Development Minister, Shahrizat is embroiled in the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal whilst rumours circulate that BN’s Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin, Federal Territories Minister, might possibly stand against Nurul in GE-13.

Despite the government’s 30% quota for women in decision making roles, women in politics fall short of this target, Nurul’s response was “Flexible working hours in politics would help.”

Life as an MP came soon after she had given birth. She successfully juggled her life as a mother, wife and politician. Whilst most women shun political life, Nurul has embraced it with vigour.

“In Islam, women play an important role in shaping society, bringing up children, and public participation,” she said.

In her 2008 GE manifesto, Nurul promised to improve the overall quality of life in her constituency, make the Kuala Lumpur City Council, (DBKL) more accountable; and reduce crime by making the police focus on combating criminal activity.

She says, “My primary duty is as a legislator representing the people of Lembah Pantai in the Dewan Rakyat.”

“I have brought legislative changes to improve the livelihood of my constituents through debates like the water shortage issue in Bangsar. I have questioned the Ministry for Energy, Green Technology and Water for not approving the change of obsolete pipes in Bangsar, despite their promise to the Residents Association.

“Last year, I motioned a private member’s bill to end ‘archaic’ emergencies in Malaysia, to return supremacy to our Federal Constitution and ensure that our laws are governed by it.”

Nurul has called for a democratically elected Mayor in Kuala Lumpur and a transparent disclosure of DBKL’s annual budget. She described her “walkabouts during the water shortages, to understand and gauge the situation better” and highlighted “lax enforcement by DBKL.”

She detailed her role as the liaison between her constituents and DBKL. Local government services such as waste management, road maintenance, social services, and infrastructure upkeep were under the purview of the BN-appointed Mayor.

“In the absence of local government elections, I serve my constituents by attending DBKL budget seminars, hold meetings with DBKL officials, and ensuring that DBKL information is disseminated to residents.

“The disconnect between local authority and the elected representative is the reason behind calling for the fundamental right of the rakyat to exercise the third vote, and the right to elect their own mayor.”

Nurul outlined her second duty of operating a service centre as a direct interface with her constituents, with regular walkabouts, meetings and community programs such as gotong-royong (cooperation) and free clinics.

She remains optimistic although there are constraints and limitations of being an opposition MP, such as having to work with the Federal Government controlled DBKL, and the denial of funds.

“Although we lack ministerial and government agencies’ support, our team of dedicated volunteer doctors and nurses successfully organised over 200 clinic sessions and with the National Cancer Society, 300 women on low incomes, received pap smear tests and mammogram screenings.

“Despite the near blackout of mainstream media news on my activities, my press conferences with hawkers, taxi drivers, and affected Malaysians help keep pressure on DBKL and PDRM.

“You can check for more information on my activities,” she said.

She described her third duty, as the PKR vice president and Pakatan Rakyat leadership council member with duties and responsibilities in shaping policies, political infrastructure development and engagement with nationally and international stakeholders.

“I also frequent the Malay, rural and East Malaysian heartland as part of Keadilan’s outreach program. I balance my life with my fourth duty which is my personal duties as wife, mother and daughter,” she said.

During the four years in which she cut her political teeth, she is aware of the grumblings by some that she has not done enough for Lembah Pantai and has not focused on her constituents.

“In the final analysis, the voters decide if I have done my best given the circumstances. Even the Federal Territories Minister has spent a disproportionate amount of time and resources in Lembah Pantai, and recently, the PM and DPM came to ‘visit’.”

When asked if her comments and stance on issues were hers or merely a reflection of her father’s stand, Nurul firmly replied, “All issues are my own.”

Despite never appearing to disagree with the Opposition leader, and asked whether this was just to present a unified front she said, “It is easy for it to be similar not only to Datuk Seri Anwar but in fact to all opposition leaders because we are facing the same corrupted regime and all our policies and positions are based on justice, equality, and truth.”

“As a politician your credibility is all you have, and your public statements must mirror your inner conscience.”

When told about Malaysians who feared the country’s descent into a form of apartheid, with educational institutions or hotels, stipulating only Malay/Muslim clients, she said, “Legislation to eliminate discrimination can be an alternative. But education, leaders and policies that draw the communities away from such practices will bring all races together.”

In the interview, Nurul was asked if the opposition’s message of a true multiracial society had failed to reach the rakyat because many Malays felt threatened and feared being “losers” if the opposition were in power.

“We have extremist groups being backed by the government. We must communicate clearly and consistently, the reality and successes, of the four states that Pakatan Rakyat governs.”

Nurul is adamant that the multiracial Keadilan will fight to end Malaysia’s divisive racial politics and insists that young Malaysians, should stand up and work together.

Dean Abu 
kecoh diberita mengenai warga asing meniaga secara bebas dlm sektor2 yg mereka tak dibenarkan meniaga dinegara ni,sampai mereka dah menguasai tempat2 perniagaan kecil-kecilan utama di k.l,chow kit semang dah lama digelar mini jakarta,jln petaling kini jd minni bangla.dari dulu smpai sekarang macam pendapat dikeluarkan,hanya jd isu berbangkit jela,tak jadi apa pon smpai sekarang.kenapa?
kalau la kat chow kit n jalan petaling smpai dikuasai dek pendatang asing celaka ni,apa lg nak dibincangkan?tempat tumpuan utama,penguatkuasa ari2 ada kat situ tp tindakan tetap tak ada,mustahil penguakuasa,polis,imigresen,DBKL tak tahu yg kat tempat2 mcm ni berlongok pendatang asing,kalau buat serbuan berbijik2 lori nak angkut kaum yg menyusahkan orng ni,tp benda dpn mata dibuat bodoh je,yg kat rumah kongsi,dlm belukar,dlm hutan nak lak di serbu.mereka ni bukan je tak risau kan dgn penguatkuasa tp dah mcm dilindungi pulak.
dia orang bukan je dah jd kaya raya kat negara ni,ada tempat2 dah jadi kawasan jajahan dia orang.cara meniaga dia orang ni senang,bukak la meniaga kat mana2 pon,pelangan dah kompom ada,pelangan nye warga pendatang jugak,sistem support menyaport sedara,kalau indon meniaga,pendatang indon jugak pelangan nye,org kita bg dia duit gaji dibelanja kan ke org indon,pastu hantar duit ke indon.
pendatang asing ni bukan je jd masalah kat negara ni,tp dah jd kanser tahap 4.sekarang perniagaan kecil-kecilan dia orang dah jajah,pas ni silap2 company besar2 milik negara jd hak dia orang pulak.
bodoh punya kita ni sampai indon,bangla,vietnam dtg ke negara ni secara haram yg jd dpt masalah nye kita,kita lak yg risau dgn dia orang.dah terbalik pulak..

No one will cry at your funeral


The billionaire music executive-turned-airline-tycoon said that the only way his successor Aireen Omar would be able to grow was by giving her space to come into her own without the risk of having his presence dominating the business.
“And I don’t want to be like some senior politicians who insist on calling the shots long after they’ve handed over the reins,” he said.
He also highlighted the following:
“We have put Malaysia on the world map and we are investing in its future,” said Fernandes. “So how can these right-wing bloggers say that I’ve abandoned Malaysia?
What have they done for the country?”
Wakakaka … sure you’ve “put Malaysia on the world map” and “investing in its future”. Firstly, you did it after stealing from it. With the stolen money, you only say you are investing in its future. But why leave for Indonesia.
Thank for the tip-off Tony because we didn’t know Pak Lah is still calling the shots. That way we will still be on the look-out.
We know for sure he wouldn’t be talking about Tun Dr Mahathir who has been publicly giving encouraging words of Tony F’s Air Asia, the collaboration of Air Asia and MAS and been seen together in public. - anotherbrickinwall
Privately, Tun Dr Mahathir supported Tony F to takeover Air Asia from DRB-Hicom and it was given for pittance despite DRB already have in place a plan to do LCC. This is another story we have yet to tell.
It reminded us when Pak Lah was about to be on his way out and despite his open friendship, regular futsal game with Khairy and sponsorship of Khairy’s Myteam, Tony F stabbed Khairy in the back.
By the look of things, the senior politician he is talking must be someone on the way out from the grasp of power. It couldn’t be Tun Dr Mahathir, could it?
It must be Pak Lah then who had helped him and allowed him to plunder on MAS routes. Pak Lah seems to still call the shots in MAS via Khazanah CEO, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar who had placed before CEOs who serve his purpose.
Azman kept silence on the issue of MAS Catering which is suspiciously Pak Lah’s looting of MAS and yet remain as Adviser with a monthly salary of RM30,000.
Pak Lah also did not gave any view on the MAS-Air Asia collaboration as though he is giving a silent approval.
Despite call by many, Dato Najib did not do a cabinet reshuffle and maintain the same cabinet line-up that is mostly Pak Lah’s men. The same at the state Menteri Besars and Ketua Menteris.
Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop is still holding strong to the GLCs.
Then it has to be Pak Lah simply because by the look of it, Pak Lah will definitely lose his rein when Najib gets reelected or the remote chance of Anwar Ibrahim replacing Najib as Prime Minister.
It is only becoming of Tony F to take out his sabre and take a swipe at those who fed him.
Unless he was offended when Dr Mahathir finally realised and said that the MAS – Air Asia collaboration is rather lop-sided, he must have meant it to be Pak Lah. Hehehe …
In fact, Tony F’s swipe at Malaysia Airport is after they helped his operations by giving them priority to take-off for the early morning rush and also cheap rent for his night parking of his planes.
Be sacred Tony F, be really sacred …
Take your swipe at anyone you wish to Tony because you are going down together with all the Airbuses that he has ordered.
The nature of corporate lifecycle is such that Tony F’s plunge is inevitable. Company that have been on high growth over a long time without consolidating will accumulate debt burden, operational inefficiency and management complacency and ego that will lead to it’s early demise.
If the company depends a lot on the high price of it’s shares in the stock market to raise financing, in which the high revenue growth serve to propel speculation of it’s shares based on the forecasted PE model, it will be faced with the question of sustaining that growth.
Where is Tony F getting that growth? Indonesia? Wakakaka ….
Low cost long haul? Muahahaha ….
You’re going down, Tony F. You going down… CIMB’s Nazir knows it and CIMB’s MAS Chairman Tan Sri Mohd Nor Yusof knows it too.
That explain for the merger. For Tony F, it was about deliberately weakening MAS from inside and further plundering of MAS assets for cheap. After all, his model of success resembles the 40 thieves in the tale of Ali Baba.
Remember that the message in the tale of Ali Baba is that the greedy ones will pay for his greed. Hehehe ….
For his to say that bloggers did not contribute to the country, perhaps he should ask what does his cheap fares, unpaid bills everywhere and stealing of Government assets contribute to the country?
Off course, bloggers do not contribute as industrialist or businessman, at least we foiled his attempt to rape the plunder the country for himself and his foreign majority owned Air Asia. Yes, Air Asia carry the national flag but it has foreigners as majority shareholders.
Bloggers do contribute and more than Tony F. We contribute to giving feedback on public policy, help to put right to wrong, raise public consciousness on issues, put crooks and corrupts in jails, and contribute to the national debate.
So greedy Tony F, your corporate death will much awaited. After stabbing, everyone, the public and country that helped you, no one will cry at your funeral.

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